“One in a million” .. the discovery of a “super land” too far


Astronomers at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand said they had discovered an “incredibly” rare new planet, one of only a handful that had been discovered with a size and orbit comparable to Planet earth In our solar system.

Such planets are often called as “Super groundOr “supernatural,” the discoverer planet is one of the few ExoplanetsThat is, those outside of our solar system, with a similar size and orbit to our planet.

Astronomers explained that the planet will have a mass estimated at somewhere between a mass Venus And the mass of the planet, according to what was stated in a news published on the University of New Zealand’s website.

According to the information, the mass of its host star is about 10 percent of the mass of our sun, and the planet’s orbit will be equivalent to that between Venus and Earth in our solar system, meaning that the year on that planet is 617 days.

The lead author of the study clarifying the discovery, Antonio Herrera Martin, said finding the planet was a one in a million chance.

“To get an idea of ​​the scarcity of detection, the time taken to observe the magnification due to the host star was approximately 5 days, while the planet was only detected during a small 5-hour distortion,” he explained.

“After making sure that this was indeed caused by another ‘body’ different from the star, and not a math error, we proceeded to obtain the properties of the planet-star system,” he added in a press release.

وتحذر US Space Agency NASA believes that while there are many hopes of finding a planet similar to ours in the region called the “habitable zone” or habitable zone, these super-terrestrial planets may not look exactly like Earth.

The agency says NASA These Earth-like planets can be “about 10 times larger than ours,” and may differ in composition and composition from water worlds or icy planets to those that are mainly composed of gases.


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