Omar Nurmagomedov, Habib’s cousin, wins his first UFC fight .. Video



Omar Nurmagomedov, Habib's cousin, wins his first fight in


Russian fighter Omar Nurmuhamedov started his career in the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Federation (MMA), beating his Kazakh rival Sergey Morozov.

Omar, cousin of the retired UFC champion, UFC champion Omar Mammadov, under his supervision, defeated the Kazakh fighter by strangulation in the second round of the fight that brought them together, on the “fighting” island in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, as part of the “UFC Fight Night” tournament.

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Omar Nurmagomedov, 25, signed a contract with the UFC, after he had scored 12 victories without suffering any defeat, so far, in his professional career.

Sergey Morozov (31 years old) also fought his first match under the auspices of the “UFC”, after he had achieved 16 wins to 4 defeats.

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