Omar Khorshid’s family receives condolences in it .. What is the relationship of Safwat Al-Sharif? – Norte Newspaper


Effects ” Ihab Khorshid “The late guitarist’s brother.” Omar Khorshid A state of controversy among followers because of a post he had posted on his Facebook account, through which he announced that the late artist’s family had received condolences in the family home, 40 years after his death.

He wrote Ihab Khorshid In his pamphlet, he said: “We love to remember our brothers who have what he has and what he owes, according to the saying of the Sheikh of Islam, Imam Al-Hafiz bin Hajar, may God have mercy on him (Whoever dies from tyrants and darkness, we will rejoice in his death and we bear witness that he is tyranny, injustice and coercion because we are martyrs of God in his possession.”

He continued: “As the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said (The death of the ungodly and unjust servant of whom the servants, the country, the trees and the animals rest) .. The family accepts the duty of condolence in its home in Heliopolis .. God have mercy on you, Omar.

Brother post coincided Omar Khorshid With the death of the former Egyptian Minister of Information. Safwat Al-Sharif “Which made the followers of the social media indicate that the purpose of the post is Safwat Al-Sharif They adopt theories and analyzes that indicate that the Sharif had a hand in the killing of the late artist.

Mentioned that Omar Khorshid He had died in 1981 in a traffic accident after leaving Roland with his Lebanese wife “Dina” at the end of Al Haram Street in front of “Khristo” restaurant.


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