Oh Tire :: ‘Residents of a Lebanese region violate the general closings and curfews and demonstrate … despite the horrific rise in Corona injuries, what are their demands ?!


“For the second day in a row, the demonstrators in Tripoli violated the curfew during the evening hours, and gathered in” Al-Nour “Square to set off from then across the Boulevard to reach the” Roxy Intersection “, and from there towards the Tal Square – the commercial center in the city amid security measures from Security forces and the Lebanese army.The demonstrators condemned the increase in thefts of all kinds, which now affect shops and homes, in addition to cars and various vehicles, and demanded that security patrols be conducted during night hours in a special way, to control night thieves. They also called on the citizens to each be a sentinel and to report any suspicious incident.

The protesters also toured the party headquarters, denouncing the “absence of the role of political leaders and their silence over the woes, tragedies and economic hardship that the Lebanese people are exposed to, which led the country to collapse.”

National News Agency


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