Oh Tire :: An expert predicts developments in the price of the dollar in Lebanon in the coming days …. Here are the details


The exchange rate of the dollar on the parallel market recorded a slight increase, today, Monday, reaching 8775 Lebanese pounds for sale, compared to 8,825 Lebanese pounds for purchase.The price of the dollar this morning ranged between 8770 and 8,820 Lebanese pounds.

In the meantime, economist Patrick Mardini indicated that there are expectations that the dollar will continue to rise during the next stage, especially since there is no clear horizon for a solution in Lebanon.

In an interview on OTV, Mardini pointed out that there are many reasons that contribute to the rise in the price of the green currency, most notably the citizen’s lack of confidence in the Lebanese pound, the liquidation of public debt and the printing of huge amounts of the lira, in addition to the economic downturn that is increasing dramatically, as the bank expects International to reach 25% this year.


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