Officially, Arsenal borrows Odegaard from Real Madrid


Advertise a club Arsenal Today, Wednesday, the Englishman announced the contract with Norwegian playmaker Martin Odegaard on loan from Real Madrid.

Arsenal entered the current winter transfer period, aspiring to sign a new player with creative abilities, after the departure of Mesut Ozil to Fenerbahçe, Turkey.

Coach Mikel Arteta decided to take advantage of Odegaard’s anger at not participating with coach Zinedine Zidane at Real, to use his services until the end of the season.

According to the official website For ArsenalOdegaard is set to play with the team for the remainder of the current season, without any clause that would allow him to sign him permanently.

The site indicated that the Norwegian international will wear the number 11 shirt with Arsenal during his loan period.

On his part, Arteta said of the deal: “It is great that we have secured the contract with Odegaard until the end of the season. Martin is a player we know well and he is still young.”

He added, “He has been playing at the highest levels possible for some time, and will provide us with many high-quality offensive options and we are very excited to be with us.”

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It is noteworthy that Odegaard, 22, participated in only 9 matches with Real this season, where he did not score or make any goals, after Zidane cut his successful loan with Real Sociedad.


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