Nour El-Ghandour: I was surprised when I spoke to Egypt in the “Beirut batch” Video


Despite her Egyptian origins, actress Nour El-Ghandour explained that she was surprised when she heard herself performing in the Egyptian dialect for the first time in the series “Beirut batch.”

And about her relationship with the Egyptian and Kuwaiti dialects, Nour al-Ghandour said, in an interview with The Insider Arabic program on Dubai TV: “I am masters of both, the origin is Egyptian, and my practice of the Gulf dialect, especially Kuwaiti, because of my birth and my life in Kuwait.”

She added: “The first time I heard myself on television speaking in Egyptian, I was somewhat surprised. I felt my voice change and the tone changed … I liked it very much, and what was required of me was to speak in a broken Egyptian accent, because [شخصيتها في المسلسل] She grew up with her Kuwaiti father, so I took more from his words than from the words of the mother. I feel that it added a lot to me, and it led to me having followers from Egypt, and this makes me very happy. ”

And about the possibility of her entering the artistic field in Egypt, she said: “I was waiting for a certain time, and I see that this particular time is now.”

According to what was stated in the program, the company producing the series “Beirut batch”, “Eagle Films”, celebrated the great success of the series, and published the last scene of it, and thanked the writer Heba Mishary Hamadeh and director Ali Al-Ali for their ability to work under difficult circumstances. Which passed to Lebanon during the filming period, and also thanked all the Lebanese and Arab stars who participated in the series, including Nour El-Ghandour.


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