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Continuous surprises that celebrities disclose on a weekly basis by revealing the identity of one of them from the Arabic language program “The Masked Singer – Where are you?” On MBC1, MBC Iraq, MBC Egypt and MBC5. In the seventh episode, the analyzes continued in light of the continuation of the spectacular and singing paintings of distinguished celebrities, accompanied by several opinions. The investigative committee consisting of the four stars Sirin Abdel Nour, Muhannad Al-Hamdi, Hassan Al-Raddad and Qusay Khouli did not hurt, as part of the stage of repelling the attack, as well as additional evidence. Able to help the committee anticipate the identity of celebrities by spying on them behind the scenes. A cobra, cheetah, falcon, peacock, Scheherazade and wolf passed on the stage.

At the end of the episode, the journalist Nishan Derharutyunyan revealed his identity as the one who was disguised as the Falcon, after receiving the lowest vote, and commented, “The advantage of this program is that the mask is required to disguise and hide the character, while we in life consider it a part of our life and look every day. With a different mask, ”pointing out,“ I very much enjoyed the experience. ”

At the beginning, Annabella Hilal welcomed the investigative committee and the celebrities disguised, who appeared on the stage, respectively, to perform their artistic shows. Each of them was preceded by the usual file of evidence that reveals some of the joints and lives of the characters, shining light on their professional and creative experiences, although some of the information contained therein is misleading.

The investigators were keen to correct their choices and link the files of evidence in previous episodes to those that were adopted in this episode, but they were not correct in anticipating the identity of the celebrities, especially the identity of the falcon.

In the next episode, only five celebrities in disguise complete the journey on stage. Peacock, Sheita, Scheherazade, Wolf, and Cobra appear to perform their shows after introductory videos about them form evidence files, and celebrities continue to reveal their identities and continue to be excluded one by one until one of them crowns Only in the final episode .. Who among them will reach the final stages of the program?


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