Neymar raises controversy due to the historical goal of Paris Saint-Germain (video)


Neymar raises controversy due to the historical goal of Paris Saint-Germain (video)



Brazilian Neymar’s selections sparked controversy for the best team in the history of Paris Saint-Germain, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, and the Czech Republic did not include the goalscorer of the historic Uruguayan club, Edinson Cavani.

Among the activities of the celebration was the selection of the stars of the Parisian team for the club’s golden squad throughout its history for the best players that they had represented since his appearance, wore his shirt and defended his colors in various competitions.

Neymar surprised everyone with the strangeness of his choices, as he selected the goalkeeper, his former teammate, Gianluigi Buffon, despite the fact that the Italian veteran had only played one season, with the PSG shirt.

His choices were in favor of his countrymen, as he was chosen by the four-way defense, “Dani Alves, Maxwell, David Luiz, Alex”, and in the middle, Nene, with Englishman David Beckham and Italian Thiago Motta.

In the attack, Neymar chose his compatriot Ronaldinho, along with the Liberian George Waya and the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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The series of provocation is renewed again between Neymar and the Marseille defender on

Neymar completely ignored his former teammate, Edinson Cavani, the historic scorer for the Parisian club, who played alongside him for three seasons, before his departure to Manchester United.

That period witnessed a sharp dispute between Neymar and Cavani, which was evident during one of the matches in their struggle on the field over who would pay a penalty kick that was awarded to the team.

Cavani lived years of glory in the “Princes Garden,” during which he became the club’s historic top scorer after scoring about 200 goals, becoming the first player in the club’s history to reach this number of goals, surpassing the club’s former goal-scorer, Swedish veteran Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Italian Milan striker now.

Source: twitter / PSG_English


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