News – New details about how long the immunity against Corona lasts after infection


A British study conducted on health care workers found that those infected with the emerging coronavirus are most likely to have immunity from the disease for at least 5 months, while evidence is available indicating that those carrying antibodies may spread the virus.

And the preliminary results reached by scientists at the Public Health Authority in England indicated that it is rare for the antibody carriers to become infected as a result of a previous infection, as the second infection occurred in only 44 of the 6,614 people who contracted the virus and were included in the study. But experts warned that the results mean that those who contracted the disease in the first wave of the pandemic in the first months of 2020 may now be at risk of contracting it again. They also warned that those who have “natural immunity” acquired as a result of infection, may carry the virus in the nose and throat and thus can spread the infection.

Susan Hopkins, the chief medical advisor at the Public Health Authority in England, who participated in leading the study team, stated that most of those infected with the virus and developed antibodies are protected from infection again, but it is not absolute protection, and we do not yet know the duration of this protection.

A statement regarding the study stated that its results do not address the antibodies or other immune responses to the Covid-19 vaccines currently being launched or the effectiveness of the vaccines. The statement stated that the issue of response to vaccines will be discussed later this year, and the study includes tens of thousands of health care workers in Britain who have undergone regular checks since June, to reveal whether they have contracted Covid-19 again as well as whether they are carrying antibodies. .


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