News about the marriage of Yazid Al-Rajhi to Anoud Al-Ameri


Riyadh (Echo):

News circulated over the past hours indicating that the famous rally driver Yazid Al-Rajhi had tied the knot with a girl named “Al-Anoud Al-Ameri”, amid the congratulations of many fans.

The pioneers of the social networking site, Twitter, transmitted a special invitation on that occasion, after the name of Yazid Al-Rajhi rose to the Saudi trend list, amid thousands of tweets and talk about the identity of the bride and the tribe to which she belongs.

Others questioned the marriage of Yazid Al-Rajhi, especially since he did not announce the matter through his accounts on social media, and no one from his family spoke in this regard, while others said that the girl, “Al-Anoud Al-Ameri,” was the one who promoted the matter despite the fact that no account appeared on her Means of communication.

Yazid Al-Rajhi raised controversy earlier after he published his testimony through the application of Snapchat, revealing his weakness in the school stage, where the public saw in it that he promoted science in a negative way in light of the world’s current interest in science and research.


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