News 24 | Will desalination become a company? The governor of the institution answers


Will you turn "Water desalination" To a company? The governor of the institution answersThe Governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Engineer Abdullah Al-Abdul Karim, confirmed that the privatization of the production and transportation sector in desalinated water began with the establishment of a water transport and technology company that handles the transportation process and the participation of the private sector, and it will be listed in the financial market.

He added, during his hosting of the “In the Public” program broadcast on the “Saudi Channel”, that during the next five and six years, they aim for the production and transportation system in water to be a private sector, in order to reduce costs and provide better service to customers.

He stressed that the investments in the desalination and transportation system are large, adding that the corporation is working to reduce the cost of producing desalinated water, through the use of renewable energy.


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