News 24 | Water Company: The estimated reading of the meters is in the narrowest limits … and 90% of the bills according to actual readings


National Water CompanyThe National Water Company confirmed that the smart meters used in the Kingdom are in conformity with local specifications and the standards of the International Organization for Legal Metrology, in response to what was raised about those meters.

She explained, in a statement today (Wednesday), that all counters imported by the company are required to receive a certificate of conformity to the indicated specifications from a laboratory accredited by the Saudi specifications and standards.

She pointed out that 90% of the invoices issued to customers are based on actual monthly readings, while the remaining bills are issued based on the actual consumption rate of the past months, “an estimate” and automatically, and the settlement is done periodically and based on subsequent actual readings.

She explained that the estimated readings are minimal, in the event that the company is not able to bring the readings because there are obstacles that prevent access to an actual reading.

And she stressed that it will continue to raise the percentage of actual readings to reach 95% by the end of the first quarter of 2021 and reach best practices by the middle of this year.

National Water Company


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