News 24 | Watch … the leader of “Houthi” admits to widespread corruption and treachery among the leaders of his group, and the poor condition among his fighters


Leader The leader of the Yemeni militia, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, admitted to the spread of corruption and betrayal among the leaders of his group, referring to the poor condition his fighters are living in in the field, where they suffer from a shortage of food and equipment.

Al-Houthi appeared in a video clip, speaking to some of his militia, where he revealed the existence of corruption in the ranks of the militia leaders, pointing out that some of its members died in Sanaa due to the cold and the lack of necessary clothes this winter, while the supervisors and leaders seized everything and became They have a surplus in their homes.

He added that the torrents swept away quantities of weapons belonging to his militia and were buried in the valleys and streams of torrents, criticizing the militia’s behavior in storing equipment and weapons and hiding them in inappropriate places.

He also admitted that quantities of weapons were exposed to aerial bombardment by the Arab coalition forces, indicating that the leaders of his group had taken over the in-kind support they impose on the citizens in their areas of control, under the pretext of “supporting the fronts,” as they sell in-kind support in the markets to buy “luxury khat” for them.


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