News 24 | Video … To avoid “intellectual stagnation” … a family advisor calls on wives to encourage their husbands’ clubs


Video ... to avoid "Intellectual stalemate"... a family counselor invites wives to encourage their husbands' clubs The family and community counselor, Basma Jumaa, called on wives to join their husbands in encouraging the clubs they support in football, in order to avoid the phenomenon of intellectual stagnation.

Counselor Basma Jumaa said that intellectual stagnation is the reflection of flexibility and the meaning of persistence in one thing and the unwillingness to change it and rigid thinking about matters and looking at them in one angle.

She explained that the intellectual stagnation is narrow thinking and deep imitation from which solutions and innovations cannot be generated, as a person uses the same old tools and methods and gets the same results.

In her interview with the “Al-Rased” program on the “Al-Akhbariya” channel, she indicated that life needs greater flexibility, and that the flexible person sees a solution to every problem, while the intellectual stalemate sees a problem in every solution.

The wives demanded that they try to share with their husbands some of their interests, such as encouraging the clubs they support, and celebrating with them if the team wins. There is nothing wrong with memorizing the names of a number of players and wearing the favorite team’s shirt.

Turning to talk about wives’ complaints about their husbands leaving the house, she showed that it is better for the wife to deal with this time, as she certainly has things that can be accomplished when the husband is away from home.

She stressed that intellectual stagnation is not a condition that it be from the wife only, but rather that in many cases the wife has flexibility while the man is fanatical to his opinion, noting that flexibility is required in dealing not only between husbands, but even between individuals at work and between children and their parents and mothers. .


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