News 24 | Video .. The nurse “Asrar” tells the story of her saving the two girls from drowning and how she felt


Video .. the nurse "Secrets" It tells the story of how she saved the two girls from drowning and how she feltThe nurse, Asrar Abu Rasin, told the story of her rescue of two girls (5 and 6 years old) from drowning in Bish Beach in Jazan several days ago with the help of two other men who followed her.

She mentioned that she was on a walk with her family on the Corniche Beach, and while documenting the trip through the “Snapchat” application, she noticed that children were swimming abnormally, and at that time she had a strange feeling, so she threw her mobile phone to the beach and did not think anything but to save the two children from drowning, confirming that she can swim .

She pointed out that two border guards helped her get the two children out of the water, adding that the two girls’ pulse and breathing returned after they were saved to its normal condition and were transported to the hospital via an ambulance.

She emphasized that her feeling when she saw the two girls in the water was difficult, but this feeling disappeared and turned into great joy when she heard the voices of the two girls, confirming that the joy of the two girls and their families was great and that she only asked them to pray, noting that the profession of nursing is not limited to a place or time, so her profession is not limited. Only help those who need help.


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