News 24 | Video .. An environmental expert warns against growing these trees in homes and explains their danger


Obaid Al-AwniEnvironmental expert, Obaid Al-Aouni, warned against planting certain types of trees in homes. Because of its danger.

Al-Awni said during an interview on the “Ya Hala” program on the Rotana Khaleejia channel, that the municipality has banned the cultivation of certain types of trees, including the conacarpus tree or the curvaceous tree, indicating that it is one of the most dangerous trees as its roots extend in the soil greatly, which affects the foundation of the house and breaks the reservoir. Also.

He added that there are other trees that he prefers not to plant, such as the Persopas tree or the Mesquite tree, noting that it is among the most dangerous 100 trees in the world.


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