News 24 | The last tweet of the journalist “Al-Hamoud” circulated before his death … what did he say about it?


 Fahd Al-HamoudTweeters on social media re-circulated the last tweet written by veteran broadcaster and journalist Fahd Al-Hamoud before his death yesterday (Saturday).

Al-Hammoud wrote a tweet on his Twitter page several days ago about the unity of the Gulf ranks, saying: “The Gulf people agreed and the Americans disagreed.

He added, “Praise be to God, first and foremost, for the honorable, wise, and loyal leaders bestowed upon us by their homelands and their peoples and the interests of their countries. Civilization and progress by giving priority to benefits before setting up factories, as some see it,”

The journalist Al-Hamoud, who died yesterday, made a special appearance on the “Al-Akhbariya” channel last April by presenting the ninth newsletter, as part of an initiative by the channel to honor the “beautiful time” broadcasters.


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