News 24 | The Grand Mufti gives advice to the judges: You should show these qualities


The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al SheikhThe Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars, General Head of Academic Research and Ifta, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh sent a letter to the judges.

Al-Sheikh recommended the judges to look at the opponents who come to them, regardless of their attitudes, natures and morals, with an outlook of mercy, benevolence and kindness to people and accept their problems and be humble with them.

He explained that every opponent is claiming the right for himself, calling on the judges to hear the two parties with humility and kindness so that he can convince everyone, especially the violator, of the ruling that he issues, so he returns with the conviction that the right is over him.


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