News 24 | Sheikh “the reformer” explains the difference between a bribe and a gift (video)


Dr. Khaled Al-MuslehProfessor of Jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia at Qassim University, Dr. Khaled Al-Musleh, explained the difference between a bribe and a gift that some people may mistake for differentiating between them.

Al-Musleh said during his meeting with the program “Istaftounak” on the “Al-Risala” channel, that the gift is what gives courtship and a request for affection, love and the righteousness of the relationship between people, and it is a kind of material gift with the intention of harmony and compassion, as stated in the hadith of the Prophet, “Give back to love.”

He added that the gift may come in an unlawful form, such as giving a person a gift in order to obtain a job or to accomplish a work, or to fulfill a void or nullify a right, in this case it is a bribe and not a gift.


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