News 24 | On the occasion of his recovery from “Corona” … a family in Jazan surprised their father by presenting him a new car (video)


Marking his recovery from "Corona"A Jazan family surprised their father by presenting him with a new carA family from the Jazan region surprised their father, Mohsen Qassadi, 72, by gifting him a new car, on the occasion of his recovery from the Corona virus.

Musa Qassadi, the citizen’s son, explained toNews 24“, That the gift is a kind of righteousness to the father and celebrating his recovery from” Corona “, after his fatigue and suffering for two weeks, saying that the righteousness of parents is the pleasure of God, stressing that parents have lost their energy in order to raise their children, so children should not leave them alone when they are weak .

A video clip showed the citizens of the citizen receiving the car key and decorating it before giving it to their father, who was affected and shed tears in his spontaneous reaction to what his sons did.

The clip met with wide interaction on the means of communication, as many expressed their admiration for the gesture of righteousness from the children towards their father.


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