News 24 | Mwatana tells her experience selling auto parts in Jeddah (video)


Mwatana tells her experience selling auto parts in JeddahA female citizen named Widad Al-Ghamdi succeeded in entering the world of trade by selling auto parts in the Jeddah governorate, noting that she went through the experiment two and a half years ago gradually with her husband.

Al-Ghamdi said during an interview with “mbc” channel, that her husband moved away from running the store for some circumstance and took over the task, noting that her friends were surprised that she entered this private area for men due to its difficulty.

She added that she had expanded the shop and added some modifications in it, indicating that she starts working hours from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon and then returns to work at four o’clock in the evening after she reassures her children.

She indicated that she was able to reconcile between work and home requirements, expressing her ambition to transform the shop into a large institution that includes many Saudi girls.


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