News 24 | Moderna: Our vaccine may provide immunity against the emerging corona for at least a year


The chief medical officer of the American “Moderna” company, Tal Sachs, said that his company’s vaccine for “Corona” may provide immunity against the virus for at least one year.

Sachs indicated that the company will test whether giving individuals a third dose of the vaccine may provide more protection against the virus.

People are given two doses at present, three weeks apart, and the US Food and Drug Administration has urged that the vaccines be given according to the approved method, blaming officials who try to change the time between vaccination doses.

And he continued, according to “CNN”, that we are supposed to provide individuals with reinforcements to see how successful this hypothesis is, as we expect an opportunity for reinforcement, especially for individuals at high risk.

The European Union, the United States and Britain approved the use of the “Moderna” vaccine, whose effectiveness against the virus is 94%.


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