News 24 | Is “Food and Drug Administration” studying licensing other vaccines against Corona other than “Pfizer”?


Corona VaccineThe President of the Food and Drug Authority, Dr. Hisham Al-Jadhay, revealed that the authority is currently studying the licensing of a number of vaccines against the emerging corona virus other than “Pfizer – Biontech”, which is actually approved.

He explained, during his meeting on the “In the Public” program on the “Saudi” channel, that 5 vaccine-producing companies had applied for a license from the authority, some of which had not completed all the application procedures, due to incomplete clinical trials.

He explained that once the application files for these companies are completed, the authority will make its decision to approve the vaccine or not within two weeks, indicating that there are some vaccines that the authority refused to approve.

He pointed out that the approval of the Corona vaccine was preceded by a full study of all aspects, including side effects, by the regulatory authorities and the Food and Drug Authority.


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