News 24 | Health: Rescheduling the delivery of the Corona vaccine to those who received the date of the first and second doses due to the delay in supplying it to the Kingdom


Ministry of HealthToday (Wednesday), the Ministry of Health announced the possibility of rescheduling the vaccination for those registered to take the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

She explained that this is for reasons beyond the control of the ministry, given the delay in supplying the Kingdom and all countries of the world to which the vaccine is issued by the company producing the vaccine, due to stopping its factory to expand production lines.

She confirmed that the rescheduling will be for the date of the second dose for people who have received the first dose, and a text message will be sent to them with the new appointments.

She added that she will continue implementing the national campaign to vaccinate the Corona vaccine and expand the launch of more vaccine centers to include all regions of the Kingdom, to maintain the health and safety of citizens and residents and limit the spread of the Corona virus.


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