News 24 | “Consumer Protection” reveals the reason for closing its website after receiving thousands of complaints from consumers (video)


"consumer protection" It reveals why its website was closed after receiving thousands of complaints from consumersThe Secretary-General of the Consumer Protection Association, Saleh Al-Youssef, revealed the reason behind the association closing the site that it had allocated to receive citizens’ complaints about high water bills, after thousands of complaints had been received.

Al-Youssef said in an intervention for the “Al-Rased” program on the “Al-Akhbariya” channel, that when the association saw what was raised about the high water bills and that it was an estimated percentage, it issued a statement and 8 hours after it was issued, the National Water Company and the Ministry of Water responded to them, and it was coordinated to monitor The association transfers complaints in this regard, transfers them and follows them up.

He added that in 2020 the number of complaints monitored by the association was 280 complaints, and after announcing the statement, the complaints rose to 300 within two days, so a link for complaints was put in place to make it easier for consumers.

He pointed out that they were surprised by the arrival of 8,000 complaints in the first hours, which led to a malfunction in the site, so they decided to close the complaints link so that the defect did not increase, and they promised consumers to open a new link as soon as possible.

He stressed that the society is the voice of the consumer and that the Ministry of Water has contacted them to unify efforts in receiving complaints as the concerned party to receive them, stressing that the National Water Company responds positively to the association.


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