News 24 | Al-Issa responds to those who criticized him for his visits to churches (video)


Sheikh Muhammad Al-IssaThe Secretary of the Muslim World League, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa, responded to those who criticized visiting churches.

He said, during his interview on the “A Thousand Miles” program on the Saudi channel, that visiting churches carries a message to them that Muslims are not against them, and that they call for coexistence with everyone and believe in the Sunnah of the Creator in difference and diversity.

He pointed out that these visits also responded to the allegations of some currents of the extreme right, stressing that the World League of Islam had gone a long way in facing the slogans of “Islamophobia.”

He stated that, through dialogues and discussions, he was able to turn the fiercest anti-Islamists on the far right in Europe into friends of the League, stressing that most of these discussions were focused on correcting misconceptions about Islam.


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