News 24 | A consultant clarifies the relationship between drinking water and feeling headache and lethargy .. And what is water poisoning?


A consultant clarifies the relationship between drinking water and feeling headache and lethargy .. And what is water poisoning? A consultant of digestive system, diseases and liver transplantation explained the relationship between drinking water and the feeling of headache, lethargy and lack of focus, and the effect of this on the skin and digestive system and other matters related to public health.

Dr. Moataz Hashem said that more than 50 to 60% of the body and its cells are made of water, indicating that this percentage reaches higher than that in children and gradually decreases with age.

Hashem added that there are many cases in which dehydration can occur, such as fever, diarrhea, infections, excessive sweating or vomiting, etc., and the person feels with them some symptoms such as feeling thirsty or tired or yellowing of the urine, or a dry mouth or urination. Involuntarily, and all this is overcome by drinking the right amount of water.

He emphasized that drinking enough water improves the freshness of the skin and contributes to reducing wrinkles and also relieves skin dryness, and also contributes to the ability to perform various sports, especially stressful, while drought will be an obstacle to practicing sports perfectly.

And he indicated that the brain needs to drink an adequate amount of fluids, which means that dehydration and lack of drinking water leads to a feeling of headache and loss of focus and also affects the hormones of happiness, stressing also the importance of the relationship between the amount of water that we drink and the effect of this on kidney and heart functions.

He pointed out that the digestive process does not go well in the absence of drinking the necessary need of water daily, as the lack of water affects the production of saliva and the process of contraction of the colon and defecation, indicating that most cases of constipation result from the lack of drinking water, and drinking water is the treatment Optimum for cases of gastroenteritis and diarrhea.

Regarding the appropriate amount of water that should be drunk daily, Dr. Moataz Hashem explained that this varies from person to person, as it depends on weight, daily activity and exercise, and more closely, a woman needs about two liters of water a day, while a man and a pregnant woman need about 3 liters.

He noted that there are certain medical conditions that the doctor will need with her to determine the amount of fluid in the day, such as heart muscle failure and advanced cirrhosis, with a decrease in sodium and some kidney diseases and others, stressing that drinking hot drinks in winter is not a substitute for drinking water.

He talked about the so-called water poisoning, as he explained that it is a very rare medical condition that only occurs when the amount of water is very large, revealing that he had encountered two cases of water poisoning for two people who drank about 15 liters a day.


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