New studies prove that the new strain binds strongly and easily to human cells


A team of scientists concluded that infection with the mother corona may provide weak protection from the South African virus, expressing their hope that the vaccines will remain effective in both cases.

Studies have also proven that the new strain binds strongly and easily to human cells.

This helps explain what appears to be a faster spread of the disease with the mutated virus by about 50 percent, said a prominent South African epidemiologist, Saleem Abdul Karim.

Experts in South Africa identified the “501 YV2” mutation late last year, as it was the main driving force for the second wave of “Covid-19” injuries nationwide and raised the daily infection rate to a new peak of more than 21,000 cases recently.

This mutation is one of new mutations discovered in recent months, including two in England and Brazil, which scientists fear are behind the rapid spread of “Covid-19”.

Source: Reuters

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