New recruitment announcements confirm the launch of work on Ghost of Tsushima 2


In light of the amazing success that Ghost of Tsushima achieved last year and surpassed many of the PlayStation exclusives, whether on the commercial or monetary level, it has become certain to develop a second part in the near future, which is currently happening inside the corridors of Sucker Punch, apparently according to recent employment announcements Published by the studio.

The development team recently posted job advertisements looking for many different positions, but what’s really interesting is the need for those applicants to have experience with Ghost of Tsushima’s main combat systems, as well as experience the title and fully experience its action.

Of course it wouldn’t make sense to work on a completely new and different project and to require applicants to have previous experience with a different game, so it is expected that work on Ghost of Tsushima 2 has already started or the project is currently in pre-production.

It is noteworthy that Sony has not talked about sales of the game since its launch in the market and disclosed sales of the first days only, but fortunately the huge numbers achieved by the title have been revealed so far, as the total sales exceeded more than 5 million copies around the world and it is considered an excellent number for a new project that appears For the first time and exclusively on one platform only.

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Entertainment, spoke in a recent press interview about first-party studios and the exclusive titles released on PS4 throughout its life cycle, stressing that Ghost of Tsushima’s success was greater than expected, whether critically or commercially, to become Sucker Punch’s most successful studio title.

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