Netflix’s “Fives”: Adel Imam’s tears for Saeed Saleh in “Alzheimer’s” are real Video


Netflix MENA has shown a new episode under the title “Five”, in which it revealed facts about five Arab films shown on Netflix, including that Adel Imam’s tears in a famous scene from the movie “Zheimer” were real.

According to the episode, the film “Zheimer”, one of the best films of “leader” Adel Imam, witnessed a very influential position that brought together Adel Imam and his long-life friend, the late artist Saeed Saleh. As the director of the film Amr Arafa mentioned, Saeed Saleh used to forget the role in the rehearsal due to his advanced age, and on the day of filming he said words that differed from the words written in the script, but coincidence was sweeter and more effective, to the point that Adel Imam’s tears at the end of the scene were real and full of nostalgia For the memories you brought together.

Regarding the movie “X Large”, the episode mentioned that the film was not originally written by the artist Ahmed Helmy, according to the author Ayman Bahjat Qamar. The film was written by the late artist Alaa Wali El Din, but he died and the film remained locked in drawers until a meeting with Ahmed Helmy presented him with the idea of ​​the film. .

The episode also stated that the true story of “The Ladder and the Snake” is a love story that could not be completed, which brought together the director of the film, Tariq Al-Erian, and the presenter, Angie Ali, and the scene of the frankness, which brought together the artist Hala Shiha and the artist Hani Salama, contained many sentences. Improvised, but her acting spontaneously encouraged the director to include her after filming.

Also in the episode are facts about the Saudi film “Sun of Knowledge” and the Lebanese film “Capernaum”.


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