Neslihan Atagul contracted a rare disease and withdrew from “the ambassador’s daughter” for this reason … and gets huge sums of money.


Nesilhan Atagul is a Turkish star, known in the Arab world by the name of the character with which she is best known in the series.blind loveIt is Nihan.
This series achieved wide popularity, and gave her great success and the beginning of a successful artistic career.

Her childhood and upbringing
she wasNeslihan AtagulA very troublesome child, she loved animals, especially dogs and cats, and she liked to draw the attention of animals, so she used to sing for her and perform in front of her and her friends and family. Her father of Circassian descent used to work as a driver and her mother is a housewife of Belarusian descent, she has one brother named Ilkai. After graduating from school, she enrolled at Yeditepe University and studied theater, and participated in many plays that were performed on the university theater.

Her artistic debut in acting
She joinedNeslihan AtagulFor an advertising agency, she helped her enter the field of acting faster, and she appeared for the first time in the series “the first loveIn 2006 and in the series “Fallen Leaves” (2006-2010) and the series “What is left of you is mineHer roles in these works were small and secondary, but she showed her talent and won awards for her as a rising and promising young artist, and job offers began to shower her.
In 2011, Neslihan Atagul participated in a better role in the series “I chose my heart”, and she continued to present the series with non-heroic roles, until 2013.
In 2013 she got the lead role in the series “”Fateh warship“As Nermin, the series achieved remarkable success for her, but the climax of her success came after 3 years.

Her biggest success is the role of Nihan in the series “Blind Love” with Burak Ozjivit
There is no doubt that “Blind Love” is one of the most successful Turkish drama series, as it managed to become an international series, and it got a very large viewership. And providedNeslihan AtagulThe role of Nihan, the rich girl, who falls in love with an ordinary boy, despite the insanity of a very rich businessman, and tries to hide her love from her family, but after Amir, the crazy rich man, knew of her love, he tried to keep her away from him by arranging a murder case for her brother in order to force her to marry him .

Since she started acting, she has been receiving awards, and she has been nominated for many of them as well, the first of which was in 2007 when she won the Promising Young Actress Award from the Golden Cocoon Film Festival.
And in 2012 it happenedNeslihan AtagulWon 5 awards, including Best Future Actress from 2morrow Moscow Film Festival, Golden Cocoon Film Festival, Best Actress from Tokyo International Film Festival, Best Performance from Pune International Film Festival, and Best Actress from Film Writers Association Awards.
In 2013 she was awarded the title of Public TV Actress from the Uçan Broom International Women’s Film Festival, and in 2016 she won the title of Favorite Actress from the Yekiti Media Awards, Best TV Actress from Aegean University, 5 Media Awards, Best Dramatic Actress from Golden Lens Awards and Ayaklı Newspaper TV Stars, and from Seoul International Drama, and the Banten Golden Butterfly Awards for her role in the series “Blind Love”, which is considered one of the most important Turkish series and has been translated into more than one language around the world.
In 2017, she won many awards for the role of “Nihan” in the series “Blind Love”, Part Two, including Best Actress from TV Bilkent and Müzikonair Awards, and Best TV Actress from the AwardsTurkeyFor children.

Her love life
I was finedNeslihan AtagulBy the Turkish actorKadir DogluAfter she co-starred with him in the series “Fateh Harbiye”, and their relationship lasted from 2013 until 2016 when they decided to marry in a big ceremony, attended by art stars alongside family and friends.

The resignation of her personal driver due to pressure on him
Driver quitNeslihan AtagulPersonal, after he felt tired from a lot of work, and there were days when he did not sleep and I tried to convince him a lot to continue working, but he refused and vehemently.

The fact of her high fortune
I becameNeslihan AtagulOne of the most expensive-paid actresses, not only acting, but also advertising, for example, she got 300 thousand dollars from advertising for a shampoo company, and signed a contract with a famous and international sportswear brand, worth 400 thousand dollars, so she became Turkey’s most well-paid and wealthy actress, although she is the youngest.
She said that stars in Europe take much more than that, and that her wages are not equal to theirs, wondering whether she is taking her salary from the pockets of her critics.

Being infected with a rare disease and withdrawing fromDaughter of the Ambassador​”
In 2020 it achievedNeslihan AtagulA great success in the series “Daughter of the Ambassador”, which embodied its heroism along with a large number of Turkish stars, includingEngin akyürekوUraz KaiglerogluDespite this, she withdrew from work in January 2021 due to health conditions.
It was revealed that she had a leaky gut, which causes her to constantly feel tired, and made her decide to withdraw from the series. News spread about her retirement from acting permanently, but she made it clear that it is a market that takes a short period to rest in.


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