NBA: A humiliating home loss for the Celtics


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Boston Celtics, leaders in the Eastern District, suffered a humiliating loss at home to TD Garden in Boston against the New York Knicks by 30 points (75-105) on Sunday in the NBA.

And after his return to play after three games were postponed due to the infection of some of his players with the new Corona virus and due to contact, with a big victory over its guest Orlando Magic 124-97 Friday, the Celtics suffered a record loss against the New York Knicks, which put an end to five consecutive defeats.

Celtics played the match in the absence of Jason Taitum, who is still subject to quarantine, but he restored the services of star Kimba Walker after recovering from an injury to his left knee that kept him out of action since last September when his team lost the Eastern District final against the Miami Heat.

The Boston Celtics scored disappointing scores (29.8%) and outside the arc (15.2%), the worst since 2004.

Walker only scored 9 points in 20 minutes, as he was forced to leave the stadium in the third quarter after receiving his right side, as coach Brad Stephens preferred, after it was clear that his team would not be able to avoid the fourth loss of this season and the first after five consecutive victories, which rested him in anticipation of the two strong matches. Against the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers next Wednesday and Friday.

Jaylen Brown emerged in the Celtics ranks by scoring 25 points, Marcus Smart added 10 points, while Julius Randall and RJ Barrett were the best scorers in the New York Knicks with 20 points, 12 rebounds, 19 points and 11 rebounds, respectively.

Despite the loss, the Boston Celtics remained at the top of the Eastern Province, while the New York Knicks followed Charlotte Horns to ninth in the same region.


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