Nassif Zaitoun presents his first songs in the Egyptian dialect, “Red Line.”


The Syrian singer Nassif Zaitoun released a new song called “Red Line”, on YouTube, which was his first experience of singing in the Egyptian dialect, and through filming the song, “Zaytoun” is spinning in Egypt and its people, and he relied on the presentation of the most famous Egyptian landmarks during the clip, and the song is composed of words and composed by Muhammad Yahya, and distribution of Omar Sabbagh.

Nassif Zaitoun’s latest lyrical release was the song “You and I” written by Adel Rafoul and composed by Wissam Bostani. It was preceded by the song “Lie, After Lie,” and it exceeded 4 million views a week after its release. It was written by Fadi Abu Khalil and composed by Salem Salama.

It is noteworthy that the latest work of Nassif Zaitoun clip bears the name “Beirut” in solidarity with the events of Lebanon, written by Yahya Saleh, composed by Ahmed Barakat, distribution of Zahr Deeb, recording, mixes and Master Omar Sabbagh, and another song entitled “Every day with your love” which was presented, in the manner of cartoons. The animated lumen of some of the lyrics of the song, “Baa I Love Your Eyes, My Life is Lucky, Ba Baghar Alyka, and El Kef Every Day I Love You”, and the song “I Am Not Afraid of You”, to support children with cancer patients, where you talk about strength in facing disease and curing it.


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