NASA warns of danger threatening Earth … a meteorite is approaching us


The US space agency “NASA” has warned of a danger threatening Earth, during the coming period, noting that a meteorite has been spotted taking a dangerous path inside the solar system.

This was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Express”, indicating that the meteorite, whose size is greater than the size of a soccer field, is preparing to pass near the Earth.

The agency said that the meteor, which is classified as dangerous, could pass through a path close to Earth, according to the newspaper.She explained that the diameter of the meteorite is about 256 meters and that it is scheduled to pass near the Earth, indicating that its expected speed could reach about 3.6 km per second, or about 13 thousand kilometers per hour.

The newspaper pointed out that despite the tremendous speed of this meteorite, when compared to the standard velocities of meteorites in space, the speed of this meteorite is not considered high.

And she continued: The average velocity of space rocks while moving anywhere in space ranges from 11 to 72 kilometers per second.

Source: Sputnik


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