Najwa Karam shines with Majid Al Mohandes in “Dubai Shopping Nights” | photo


Kidnapped Lebanese singer Najwa Karam The hearts of her Emirati fans accompanied by Iraqi artist Majid Al Mohandes, during their meeting together in a huge singing evening at the stage of the Dubai World Trade Center.

An exceptional singing look of its kind, during which the duo put their artistic touch at the nights of the Dubai Shopping Festival through a lively party that witnessed an unprecedented public turnout and carried the banner “Full Number”, presented by the media, Annabella Hilal, during which Shams presented her new song “Zayed Majdha” for the first time, which She gave it to the people and rulers of the United Arab Emirates.

Majid Al Mohandes expressed his overwhelming happiness with this concert, which brought him back to the hugs of his Emirati fans again after his New Year’s concert, explaining his feeling of happiness and pride for participating in the theater with Najwa Karam, saying: “My concerts in Dubai are one of the concerts closest to my heart, and I always feel enthusiastic about the appearance in front of the Emirati audience. A connoisseur of art and music, this time my happiness is even greater to share with the sun of the song at Mahujan Dubai Shopping.

This view brought back the song’s sun to her fans in the UAE after her last concerts in Dubai last December, and it came two weeks after the last looks of Majid Al Mohandes in front of his Emirati fans after reviving the New Year’s Eve party in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.


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