Naji Al-Osta is healthier … and Nadine Najim pleads with her brother to recover from Corona- (Tweets)


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Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”:

The Corona epidemic is still rampant in Lebanon and threatens the loss of family, loved ones, friends and brothers, and does not distinguish between one person and another amid the inability of Lebanese hospitals to receive many patients, and prayers and supplications are raised to heal the injured.

This is a cry launched by the Lebanese star Nadine Nassib Njeim To God to help her brother Shady, who was infected with Corona, and she tweeted, “Oh Lord, help my brother Shady and heal him from Corona. She asked God to protect him, especially as he is present in emergencies where he receives treatment, wishing recovery for all.

For his part, the star was moved Naji Al-Osta Urgently to the hospital after a great effort because there were no vacant beds in hospitals, after feeling strong complications as a result of his infection with Corona, including shortness of breath, and he was placed on a ventilator after the reduction in the level of oxygen in his body, and his condition became stable and his condition was better than it was according to Naji did not reassure his fans and fans through his official account on the “Twitter” site, saying, “Thank you for your interest … I became better, God willing … God protect everyone.”


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