Naglaa Badr: My quarrel with Mai Omar is common, and I did not ask Ahmed El-Sakka to intervene news


The actress Najla Badr denied the rumors about her request for the intervention of the artist Ahmed El Sakka to solve the crisis that occurred between her and Mai Omar in the scenes of the series “The Generation of Agrabs”, stressing that there was no dispute at all.

Najla said in exclusive statements to There was no dispute from the ground to request the intervention of my colleague and brother Ahmed El-Sakka to solve the issue, and I think that there are those who lie in wait for the series’ team and spread false news about him for unknown reasons, and about myself I finished filming 60% of my viewers at work. Means my exclusion is completely illogical.

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And she continued, I do not know the source of this untrue news, the matter is indeed a silly rumor, my relationship with Mai Omar is good, as is my relationship with director Mohamed Sami, and I do not think that he thinks that way at all.

Naglaa added, “I will post a picture that brings me to Mai Omar to deny this rumor and assure everyone that our relationship is good and it is okay.”

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News spread about a dispute between her and her colleague Mai Omar in the scenes of the series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”, which caused director Mohamed Sami to exclude her from work.

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