Nadine Nassib Njeim complains of her suffering with distance education | news


Actress Nadine Nassib Najim revealed her suffering with distance education due to the emerging corona virus.
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Nadine posted a picture on her Instagram account and commented: “Good morning, the morning of remote teaching, the morning of screaming, affliction and hysteria, I think the condition of most mothers is now. Thank you Corona. We checked with patience.”

It is noteworthy that Nadine Njeim had published a picture of her from the hospital after she was injured in the Beirut Port explosion that occurred on August 4, and Nadine appeared in the picture embracing her two children, and reports indicated that Nadine was affected by the explosion due to her attachment to the glass panel of her balcony at the moment of the explosion itself, which exacerbated the injury To the extent that she needed 40 stitches, and her blood was scattered on the walls of the house.

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