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Today’s episode of The Masked Singer saw a big surprise for investigators and the public with the appearance of Nadia El-Gendy.

At the end of the episode, the owner of the “Nefertiti” channel was revealed, and investigators had expected that behind this mask was the artist Ilham Shaheen, the artist Isad Younes, or the artist Nabila Obaid.

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But the surprise was when Nefertiti took off the mask to show the actress Nadia Al-Jundi, who expressed her admiration for the idea of ​​the program, explaining that she does not appear much on television programs, but this program is different as she appeared in the character of Queen Nefertiti, so she was very excited.

The competing stars come from different parts of the Arab world, and they belong to several fields and the four investigators who monitor and listen to the identity of the contestants by building them on evidence, information, movements, details and reports related to the personality of each star.

The commission of investigators includes (Hassan Al-Raddad – Qusay Khouli – Sirin Abdel Nour – Muhannad Al-Hamdi).

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