Mujahid: We consulted the Referees Committee on the punishment of Al-Shennawi, and we did not make a mistake, as he is Egypt’s first guard


Ahmed Mujahid, Chairman of the Tripartite Committee, made televised statements revealing the scenes of reducing Muhammad al-Shennawi’s penalty from 4 games to one match..

Mujahid confirmed that he had spoken with the Referees Committee and its representatives, and it was unanimously agreed that Al-Shennawi was supposed to receive a yellow card, which would be the second in the match, so he was sent off and not more than that, and he was suspended for one match..

He told MBC Egypt: We had two methods, one of which was listening and fearful of others and commenting, “There is another technical matter in the matter. For example, we would have been arrogant in the decision and in error, and no one could change us a decision and this big speech“.

And he continued: The vision for the public and artistic interest is that Mohamed El-Shennawi is the first goalkeeper for Egypt and that Al-Ahly club at the beginning of February for the FIFA Club World Cup and therefore the first goalkeeper will represent Egypt in the tournament. It is not appropriate for him to travel and participate while he does not participate in local matches first..

He concluded: This is in addition to the words issued by the Referees Committee about the Al-Shennawi incident, and we do not turn to the idea of ​​the Pyramids match or not and fight it after the end of the suspension, and we see the increase in financial fines and the reduction of suspensions in the technical interest of the players.


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