Muhammad Ragab in the Prophet’s Mosque before the latest episode of “The Strike of the Teacher” was shown … tonight


The star Muhammad Rajab appeared in his most recent photo from inside the Prophet’s Mosque, which he shared with his fans through his personal account on the Instagram site, where he posted a picture of him and wrote in his comment on it: “The Noble Prophet’s Mosque”, in conjunction with the success achieved by the artist Muhammad Rajab during The series “Teacher Strike”, especially with the escalation of events towards its end, as its last episodes are shown tonight.

Muhammad Ragab in the Prophet's Mosque

Muhammad Ragab in the Prophet’s Mosque

A channel is presented cbc The final episode of the series “Blow Mawalim” by the star Muhammad Rajab at 8:00 pm today, Saturday, to be repeated at 12 midnight, while the channel cbc Drama for the last episode at 11 pm and replayed at 5 am and 2 pm.

The 44th episode of the series witnessed a sudden change in the relationship of Jaber – Muhammad Ragab – and Laila – Hajar Ahmed, as Jaber bought her a villa and surprised her with a birthday party in the presence of all her friends, and told her that he would fulfill her desire to divorce her, but Laila’s reaction was unexpected and he admitted her love for him. After I found greed and fear from him and stand by her in its crisis.

Rajab on Instagram
Mohamed Ragab on Instagram

She resorted to bragging to Jaber to help them solve the problem that Salma suffers from – Yasmine Al-Beshbishi – and her exposure to blackmail from a person who photographed her with Yahya – Youssef Wael Nour – at home before his death and asks her to shoot hot videos of her, so Jaber asks Salma to meet this person and talk to him and record this conversation He reported him and arrested him.

The episode also witnessed Jaber’s shock in Omar Salah’s friend – Muhammad Nagati – who confessed to betraying him in favor of Mansour – Muhammad Ezz – so that Jaber expelled him from the company and bemoaned their friendship and the loss of a friend and brother to him, and at the same time Jaber achieved great success in contracting and became his largest company in the market After he got the most important tender he enters into.

The series “Moalem’s Blow” written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah, directed by Ismail Farouk and produced by Synergy, starring Mohamed Ragab, Mai Selim, Mohamed Nagati, Riad El-Khouly, Rania Farid Shawky, Hajar Ahmed, Mohamed Ezz, Mohsen Mansour, Salwa Othman, Anam Salousa, Yasmine El Beshbishi Doaa Rajab, Muhammad Al-Sawy and a number of other artists, and its events take place in a popular context.


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