Moroccan Bono blocks a penalty kick at the time of a “killer” to give Sevilla a valuable victory (video)



Moroccan Bono saves a penalty kick at a time


Seville club achieved a difficult and precious victory over its host Alaves, with two goals to one goal, on Tuesday, in the 19th stage of the Spanish Football League.

Moroccan international striker Youssef Nassiri opened the scoring window early for Seville in the third minute, but Edgar Mendez equalized in the 12th minute for Alaves.

And the Andalusian team regained its lead in the 30th minute, with a powerful shot from midfielder Soso, before Moroccan goalkeeper Yassin Bono prevented Alaves from scoring the equalizing goal at a deadly time, by addressing a penalty kick in the 91st minute, where the Moroccan goalkeeper chose to jump in the right direction to get away. Shot by Jose Luis Samartin, Alaves striker.

After this victory, Seville raised its score to 33 points, to advance to fourth place in the Spanish League, while Alaves stuck at 18 points in 17th place.

Source: RT


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