Morning screaming, torment and hysteria – in the picture


Lebanese actress commentedNadine Nassib NjeimIn a funny way, on her own page on the social networking site, about distance education and the suffering that it causes for mothers, she wrote: “Good morning, the morning of distance teaching, the morning of screaming, affliction and hysteria. I think the condition of most mothers is now. Thank you Corona. Nadine attached her comment to a picture in which she appeared sitting at her house, looking spontaneous, without makeup, wearing a pink woolen sweater.
Recently, a video of Nadine dancing on a song was published on social media.Shake Shack shock“Through her funny facial expressions, and the followers expressed the positivity that Nadine Nassib Najim broadcasts through her funny videos to entertain the followers in the shadow of the home quarantine due to the spreadCorona VirusAnd keep them abreast of the details of her life.


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