“Modified Corona” threatens the United States … and monitoring the date of the outbreak


“CDC” confirmed that the country has so far witnessed 76 cases of the mutated virus known as “B.1.1.7” in 10 states, but research models expect to witness “rapid growth” in the coming months, which will increase pressure on The American Health Care System.

Michael Johansson, one of the authors of the study, said: British dynasty From the virus, in US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Including: “We are very concerned about this mutant.”

The report comes at a time of recording United State More than 200 thousand new cases of infection per day, and Thursday was the third consecutive day that more than 3 thousand people died due to Covid-19With a total of 3,957 people a day, hospitals across the country are overwhelmed with patients Corona.

The study authors said that there is no evidence yet that the mutated virus may make people more sick, but the rapid spread will certainly lead to more infections in general, “which will exacerbate the burden on the already overstretched health care system, and may result in more deaths.” “.

The American Centers added that the rapid spread of the mutated virus infection means that the United States must double its strategies to contain the pandemic, including social distancing and wearing masks, in addition to increasing vaccination rates.

“We know we can act decisively now, and we can get over it and really help prevent another wave coming in the spring,” Johansson said.


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