Modifications to the application granting exit permissions?


The Minister of Interior, Brigadier General Mohamed Fahmy, told Al-Gomhoria that the decision issued by the Supreme Defense Council to extend the period of complete closure “is necessary to contain the spread of the Corona epidemic,” stressing that “the internal security forces will continue to strictly apply field measures on the ground to curb any violations that may occur.” It will take place, and there will be no relaxation of procedures, no matter how long the closure lasts. ” He explained, “The percentage of adherence to the closure is still very high, and it reached 95 percent in some areas, and this is a positive matter primarily due to the fear of people after the outbreak of the epidemic and the fullness of hospitals and not to voluntary conviction of the importance of the closure, noting that if there was a broad voluntary response to The previous closure decisions were when we had not arrived here. ”

Fahmy expressed his regret that “some people are still trying to simulate the system of granting an exit permit,” revealing that about 18 people who wanted to circumvent the application that we put in place had been arrested at record speed, while other more developed countries needed more time to implement it. To “that amendments were made yesterday to the application of granting exit permits to control and immunize it in the face of attempts to share it,” pointing out that “they laugh at themselves and not at the state because they and those close to them will be affected by the transmission of infection.” He explained, “On the other hand, the security forces understand the need for some citizens to move for necessary reasons, and they deal flexibly with legitimate requests.”

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