Model Gigi Hadid gave her baby a strange name


American model Gigi Hadid revealed the name she gave to her daughter, who was born on September 20, which is Khai, who seems to have derived it from the name of her grandmother, Khayriya, the mother of her father, a Palestinian businessman of origin, Muhammad Hadid, who is also residing in the United States. Also her younger sister’s name is Isabella Khair Hadid who is known as a model as Bella Hadid.

Gigi, who is 25 years old, two days ago modified her personal profile on Instagram, which has more than 63 million followers, and added to it the words “Khai’s mother” and from the amendment that “Al” learned about from British media that visited its sites, it became clear The name she chose for her daughter from her partner, British singer Zayn Malik, who is of Pakistani origin, was born in England 28 years ago.
The model also posted on “Instagram”, a black and white photo of her kissing her daughter’s cheek, without showing her features, and she wrote next to her: “My daughter, 4 months old, is the best child ever.” As for her partner, Zayn Malik, the girl’s father, he previously posted a picture of her hand holding her finger, and wrote next to her: “Our child is here, in good health and beautiful (…) What I feel of love for this little person is beyond my ability to comprehend.” When she returned to her modeling career in December, “I am back at work now, but motherhood is an unparalleled job,” as she puts it.


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