Million’s Shield “Like” from Anghami to Nancy!


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“I am attached to you” is the first song in Anghami history to exceed a million likes or like on the premier music app in the MENA region.

On the occasion, Nancy Ajram received the millionth shield from Anghami, and she shared this new achievement with her fans through a picture she published on social media, and said: “I am happy with the success and the honor, especially when its first and last source is the audience, and this is renewed today through the Million Shield of admiration for the song.” “From Anghami, the platform everyone loves and loves. In the end, loving people always remains the true honor for every artist.”

For his part, Eddie Maroun, co-founder of Anghami, said, “Nancy Ajram is one of the most beloved artists to the hearts of the Anghami fans, and her songs are always on the top of the numbers. We are pleased to hand her the millionth shield of admiration for the song” What is attached to you “and we wish her continued success.

Noting that “I am attached to you” has accumulated more than 27 million listeners and is at the top of Nancy’s songs most listened to on Anghami, followed closely by “Moqil Al Gharam” and “Hassa Bek”.


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