Messi empties Barcelona’s treasury – Lebanese Forces Official Website


Media reports indicated that the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, will continue to drain Barcelona’s coffers for several years, even if he leaves the Camp Nou castle early next summer.

The “Football Tribe” sports site stated that Messi renewed his contract with the “Catalan giant” in November 2017, which stipulates in one of its clauses to increase the total annual salary of “the flea” to about 100 million euros, equivalent to 122 million dollars.

The seat also stipulated that the Argentine captain would receive two bonuses, the first related to the renewal of the contract and amounted to 39 million euros (approximately 4 million dollars), which the club paid last July, after Messi expressed great dissatisfaction with the delay.

As for the second reward, which he called in the contract the “reward or loyalty bonus”, it is scheduled to be obtained by the “Argentine magician” at the end of his contract in the summer, and it is also worth 39 million euros.

However, in light of the financial crisis that the “bloggerna” is suffering due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, it is possible to pay the loyalty reward in 8 installments, the payment of which may end by the end of the year 2025, at an interest rate of 1 percent.

Messi had postponed his decision to stay in Barcelona or leave him until the end of the current season, amid great interest from Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City to obtain his services.

On the other hand, former Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o said that the 18-year-old Spanish player will be Messi’s successor in the “Camp Nou” in the coming years.

During an interview with “Sport Bible”, Eto’o was asked about his expectations about Messi’s successor, to answer, “I think Fati will be the star of the future.”

He noted to the young brown star “doing amazing things at the moment,” adding, “So I think Barcelona really needs to take care of him well.”


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