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German Chancellor Angela Merkel definitely expected to accelerate the pace of the vaccination process against the Corona virus in the country, during her audio-recorded speech, which was broadcast today, Saturday (January 9, 2021).

Merkel said: “It is a slow start, and several hundreds of thousands have been vaccinated, but every day the frequency will increase more and more,” adding: “We will have a sufficient vaccine available for everyone in Germany, and month after month we will be able to give the vaccine to everyone who wants it.”

At the same time, Merkel defended the joint management of the vaccine stockpile from Europe: “I am fully convinced that it was good to walk on the European road, and the virus that afflicts us all cannot be defeated by any country alone, and no country, including Germany, will be safe. Of the virus without his friends and neighbors. “

Although the vaccination campaign is proceeding at a much faster pace than neighboring European countries, especially France, voices are being raised in Germany to criticize the slowness of the process, which is still in its first stage aimed at the elderly, health frameworks and some sectors of highest priority.

A few days ago, the newspaper “Bild”, the most popular in Germany, criticized the vaccination strategy, accusing the government of focusing on the vaccine developed by the Biontec and Pfizer group, at the expense of the American Moderna vaccine, which was approved by the European Medicines Authority this week for use in the European Union, after it had been approved on the 21st. From last December the first vaccine.

Merkel stated that the coming weeks may be the worst in the crisis of this epidemic, noting: “Doctors and nursing staff who work in many hospitals are about to exhaust their energy.”

However, the Chancellor added: “Even what we hear about the mutations that the virus mutates does not worry us – on the contrary,” stressing that the measures that are now being extended and in some cases tightened by the federal government and the states, are decisive measures and strict restrictions, but this is necessary Also.

The German Robert Koch Institute for the Control of Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases announced this morning, Saturday, that 1083 new deaths were recorded throughout Germany as a result of infection with the new Corona virus within the past twenty-four hours. Germany recorded the highest daily number of deaths in Corona on Friday, with 1,188 cases.

On Friday, the French presidency announced that Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Ursula von der Leyen “are determined to continue” the joint strategy regarding the European Union’s purchase of vaccines against Covid-19, after the European Union was criticized recently, especially in Germany.



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